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PT. Kalimantan Prima Persada / News / KPP Delivers ABUN to Tapin Regional Government

KPP Delivers ABUN to Tapin Regional Government

Taking place at the Regent’s Veranda on January 21, 2014, KPP, which was represented by its HR Director Mrs. Tri Yuli Adriana, officially delivered ABUN program to the Tapin Regent, Drs. H. Arifin Arpan, M.M., which was witnessed by the Education Service Head, Drs. H. Juwaini, M.Pd.

PT Kalimantan Prima Persada and the Tapin Regency Regional Government have since last year organized an education program CSR - ABUN (Anak Berkualitas Untuk Negeri (Quality Children for the Country)). This program is aimed at improving the Local Resources’ quality, especially in terms of character. With the completion of this ‘character-based education prototype’, it is hoped that it can be continued and give more benefits to the whole area of Tapin Regency, in specific, and the South Kalimantan, in general, and the company could hand over the execution of further program of the kind to the government.   
In a nutshell, this prototype program was held at junior high school SMPN 1 Candi Laras Selatan, Tapin Regency. The program included an integrated change to the students, teachers and environment of the school. The main purpose was to create a “POSITIVE, PROACTIVE, and PRESTATIF generation.
The changes successfully made include an environmental change program, which was aimed at building the involvement and sense of belonging of all teachers and students so that they care about the environment, have a sense of responsibility and have discipline to always maintain it as it will give a feeling of comfort and fun in teaching and learning processes.  
The other significant changes include an increase in the quality of the ways teachers teach the students, such as applying discipline to students affectionately, interactive and fun teaching methods, closer and warmer communication between teacher and student and an improvement in the teachers’ class management.
And the most important thing, as the impact, is the change in student’s character, such as more positive in dealing with problems, more proactive in doing assignments and tasks and actively pursuing achievement in all areas. This has been proven by the making of one achievement to the other by the SMPN 1 Candi Laras Selatan at Regency level, such as winning traditional dance (Tari Rudat) competition and English Debate.  
For such achievement in the CSR education program mentioned above, KPP received an award from the Tapin Regent for the implementation of the “ABUN” education program in Tapin Regency, on the National Education Day, May 2, 2013.  In addition, the ABUN Program also gained recognition for its effective method by the Tapin Regional Government, in this case the Education Service.
Further, it is hoped that the quality of the local resource potentials will continue to increase and encourage the economic growth in Tapin Regency, in particular, and in South Kalimantan, in general.