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PT. Kalimantan Prima Persada / News / KPP President Letter 2014 : Making a Very Efficient Operational Excellence

KPP President Letter 2014 : Making a Very Efficient Operational Excellence

Taking place at M Floor, PT Pamapersada Nusantara, PT Kalimantan Prima Persada (KPP) held its President Letter 2014 on January 6, 2014. This event is an annual event, with the purpose to show the KPP’s achievements during the past year 2013 and its targets for the next year 2014.

This event was started with singing the Indonesian anthem, Indonesia Raya, and KPP’s March, continued with a video showing the flashback and achievements made by KPP during 2013. The video also showed that KPP received an award at the ICQCC event in Taipei, TKMPN in Lombok and Pama Internova.  The joyfulness of the employees was also observable when group photographs taken during annual meetings, mid-year meetings, family gatherings and coordination meetings of each division were displayed.  KPP was also awarded for taxes and zero accident. In CSR, there were so many community programs implemented by KPP, even the LPB Baprida, which was driven by KPP, was awarded the Best LPB of Astra Group.         
2014 is the year of survival for the fact that coal mining in this year is still affected by the global crisis. That is why the theme of the KPP President Letter for 2014 is “Making a Very Efficient Operational Excellence”.  
The performance shown by KPP in 2013 is still below the target, but that does not diminish the achievements made by it during that year, such as winning improvement competition at International ICQCC in Taipei and the national TKMPN competition in Lombok. Even in PAMA Group, KPP made a lot of achievements, such as winning GCC competition at Pama Internova and overall winner of POR. On this occasion, KPP’s President Director, Mr. Rahmad Pudjotomo, stated that so many achievements were made by KPP in 2013 but our consistency in maintaining the success in 2014 is a challenge for us at KPP to move forward. He also asked the employees to be always thankful for what we have gained.   
There are a lot of challenges to be faced by KPP in 2014, some of which are from internal and external. But these challenges will not reduce the KPP’s goals to always move forward and spread its wings to all lines of the mining service business. Below are the KPP's Goals in 2023:    
  1. KPP as the biggest Integrated Coal Mining Services in Indonesia.
  2. KPP as a reliable partner in non-coal mining industries in Indonesia
  3. KPP as a reliable mining infrastructure developer
  4. KPP Image as Indonesia Green Mining Company
To achieve the goals, KPP has developed some strategies, such as portfolio strategy, people and system strategy and public contribution strategy. In each of the strategies it developed, annual, three-year, five-year and ten-year targets are set.
This event was also enlivened by the launching of the Break The Limit, a program that was first introduced at an OprEng meeting in Bandung in 2013. This program was initially inspired by a film from NTT which tells the story of a fisherman who is able to break the limit of his capability to catch fish in the sea.      
Pinning of the Break The Limit pins on the Dept Heads involved in the program by Mr. Meidi Wibowo, the Operational Director of KPP, marked the launching of this Break The Limit Program. However, this program will never be implemented properly without the involvement of all parties, so all Division Heads together with all Dept Heads signed a joint agreement for the success of this program.  
At the end of the event, Mr. Yarusman Faluzi read out a prayer for the success of KPP. We wish a continuing success for KPP in Indonesia. KPP MAJU TERUS!!!