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PT. Kalimantan Prima Persada / News / Declaration of the KPP Trade Union (SPIK)

Declaration of the KPP Trade Union (SPIK)

The KPP Trade Union (SPIK) organization, which is independent, democratic, liberal and responsible, and was formed by, of and for the Workers, has now reached a new phase, a phase where the management is formed through a Democratic General Election. Then on September 12, 2013, Declaration of the KPP Trade Union (SPIK) Management was made.   

This event, which was attended by the Kalimantan Province Head of Manpower & Transmigration Services, Mr. Ir. Anton Simbolon, MM, and department heads from Tapin, Tanah Laut and Banjar Regencies, was running smoothly. It was also attended by all members of the KPP Board of Directors, Division Head and Project Manager and HRPGA Dept.
A hope that the SPIK management-elect would be able to lead the SPIK to become the Employer’s partner whereby making the KPP grow further for the prosperity of the employees and their families was surely among the matters put across at the event.
Also taking place at this event was the transfer of LKS Bipartite Management 2010-2013 to LKS Bipartite Management 2013-2016. 
Mr. Muhammad Ali, who was also present as the LKS Chairperson for the period of 2010-2013, presented his accountability report for the management period. He reported about, among other things, the harmonious relations established between the Employer and the Workers and the smooth running of the bipartite forum at each site every month. He also did not forget to give a note on the formation of the KPP Trade Union (SPIK) management, which was elected through a democratic election.     
The LKS new management 2013-2016, which was represented by Mr. Youdy Permana Rampai (the LKS KPP Secretary), expressed their gratitude to the previous management and added that the new management would keep on maintaining what had been achieved by the previous management.
Hopefully, the working atmosphere at KPP will be always harmonious for the success of us all.