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SHE Department Head Office again organized a workshop themed environmental management based on regulations (Proper 2013) of the Ministry of Environment (KLH) and vocational SHE in the form of Safety Getechnic on November 18-19, 2013 at KPP Rantau Site Training Center. This workshop was attended by 20 participants from various departments, such as SHE, Engineering and CSR.  

This event, which was officially opened by Rantau-Bima Site DPM, Mr. Sudjianto, was intended as an acceleration effort for the safety officers to understand the technical aspects of environmental management and safety in mining by combining their points of view with Comdev and Engineering so that they will get a more comprehensive understanding and they can also exchange their ideas on solutions to the problems faced at site regarding mining environmental management and mine safety design. "This workshop is very important and useful to give a deep knowledge about how to design a mine professionally by considering the impacts on the safety of the workers, the environment and the communities living around our mine” said Mr. Sudjianto in his opening speech.  
The Proper KLH 2013 is different from the previous one, in that since 2012-2013 there are new aspects assessed which were previously not assessed, such as: determination of water and air pollution load; determination of greenhouse gas emission load; cooperation contract document in the management of hazardous and toxic wastes between the producer and the collector/processor/user; Certificate of Not Being Subject to Environmental Pollution Problem for third parties in respect of environmental management; etc. In addition, self-assessment will also applies to the companies which have received Blue predicate 2 times consecutively or received Green or Gold predicate in the previous year.    
The existence of this workshop becomes one of the ways to bring the KPP SHE Department’s vision into reality, that is to become a reliable department in turning safety behavior into a strong culture of the organization towards the continuity of the company’s business by improving the personal competence of the SHE officers in all lines of the organization in giving a real contribution to all stakeholders.